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Volunteer Manager™

'GetTheTaskDone' a SAAS product delivering personalised volunteer services key for the individual. Built to meet the needs of those who want to live independently and local volunteers who want to help

Connect your elderly community with credentialed  volunteer service providers so that seniors living Independently have a trusted community-vetted resource for services.  

End user

    • Help individuals find meaningful volunteer opportunities within the local community and work to build the capacity of community and voluntary organisations to involve volunteers effectively


    • Provide a high quality volunteer placement service in a friendly and professional manner
    • Acknowledging the work that volunteers do with your organisation and why ensures they will stay motivated and continue to work on your behalf


    • Volunteer status, current assignment or role
    • Track volunteer hours by week, month, quarter or year
    • Track volunteer contribution / accomplishment by project

How it works


Volunteer Manager

For an introduction to how the product is working.