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Branch Q&A™

Branch Q&A, a dynamic Q&A session. Delivered real-time to your Client and Carer.


A dynamic Q&A platform providing branch logic capability. The system allows for the creation of multilevel Q&A with unrestricted Actions/choice per level. Attributes such as raising alerts, User message, Audio Visual consult, Schedule call-back can be assigned to each action (answer).

A service organization can create individually focused Branch Q&A's which can be allocated to one or more situations (disease mgmt., quality control or even maintenance requirements) The Q&A's are delivered to the Client or Carer via the MyHomeReach application. 

Benefits for the Care Recipient

    • Branch Q&A provide a platform to aide in the self management of chronic ailments.
    • Branch Q&A may be used to guide a Care Recipient through problem reporting such as
      • Reporting of Anti Social behaviour
      • Housing maintenance issues like electrical or plumbing failure.

Benefits for the Carer

    • Branch Q&A can guide the carer through a standard action plan prompting standardized responses.
    • Branch Q&A can be used to gather data on assesments or quality of care.

Benefits for the Care Professional Organization

    • Stanardized responses from Carers.
    • Direct feedback from Clients.
    • Ability to dynamically change Q&A's and deliver in realtime to Clients and Carers.
    • Response trending and alerting.
    • Can be used for
      • Housing Maintenance resuests from Client
      • Standarized proceedures
      • Service quality respnse
      • Disease quided self-management

Branch Q&A Guide to use

Branch Q&A Guide to use


Branch Q&A in use

Branch Q&A a dynamic Q&A platform providing branch logic capability.


Branch Q&A

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