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ACSA Conference 2014

November 05 2014

ACSA Conference 2014
Healthcomms recently attended the 2014 Aged Care Services Association (ACSA) National Conference took place in Adelaide last week, with over 1,000 attendees coming together from across the not-for-profit and faith-based aged care sector. With the theme Coming of Age – Redefining Ageing, attendees from across the not-for-profit and faith-based aged care sector enjoyed sessions with leading aged care researchers, CEO’s and technology experts.

In a keynote address to the ACSA National Conference on Monday, Professor Jane Barratt said protecting the rights of older people was the next big social problem facing governments around the world. She said one fifth of homeless people were aged over 55 and between 22 and 26 million people over 60 were victims of abuse in 2011-2012. She said age discrimination in the workplace was also a global problem.

“We stood up as a world against HIV,” said Professor Barratt. “But where is the global movement around protecting the rights of the older people; and creating not only the best models of care for people who require it but also addressing the discrimination of older people in the workplace and their access to treatments?”

Professor Barratt said while governments were starting to embrace longevity, there were still persistent sub-groups of disadvantage. She said a capabilities approach should also underpin future policy on the care of older people and would complement a philosophy of active ageing.

Greg Shaw also from the International Federation of Ageing has told the ACSA National Conference. Followed Professor Barratt.
Mr Shaw said that older people were excluded from the Millennium Development Goals but there was growing recognition of their priority in the new global sustainability agenda. He called on conference delegates to help influence the UN global agenda by raising the profile of the issues facing older people so that that this opportunity was not missed.

“If we don’t start addressing this today, the implications are that we will have a set social development goals that will be in place for the next 15 years, that will miss the mark,” he said.

Sessions over the three day conference covered topics such as Roles for People in Their 80’s and 90’s, and Technology Coming of Age – Perspectives on Engaging with Robotics. These sessions highlighted that the ageing population will continue to alter the way aged care services operate, but that technology and a person-centric focus will allow providers to keep up with demand.

Finally, Congratulations to Volkan Dogan of 'Wesley Mission' on winning the Irish Whiskey at the HealthComms stand at the ACSA conference

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